The Metabolic Balance program is a 12 week journey to correct your metabolism using data from your very own blood results. Expect a thoroughly personalised food list so you know exactly which foods to eat, when, and in what combinations and quantities. Moving through the four phases fully supported allows you to shed weight effortlessly and rebalance your metabolism for enduring long lasting good health. Learn lifelong strategies and build a real relationship with foods where you have a true understanding of what nourishes your body.

Metabolism is so much more than weight balance! We all know metabolism in relation to whether we gain weight at the drop of a hat or sustain a healthy weight with ease but did you know that metabolism also relates to…


  • How well we digest our food and how easily that moves through our digestive system

  • Clarity of thought and mood balance

  • Circulation and skin health 

  • Fertility, ovulation and period health

  • Growth and repair

  • Liver detoxification and breakdown of the nutrients we consume 

In a nutshell, metabolism controls each and every biochemical reaction in the body so you can see how correcting metabolism has the power to transform your life. 

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When metabolism is balanced we see improvements in weight, hormone balance, reduced inflammation, and overall improved metabolic health (cholesterol, triglycerides, blood sugar, blood pressure)


Metabolic Balance might turn your head if you fall into any of these categories…


  • Weight gain, stubborn weight, difficulty losing weight with all your ‘usual tricks’

  • High blood sugar, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, diabetes

  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome, irregular periods, heavy periods, painful periods, endometriosis, mid-40s hormonal lability (perimenopause), menopause, thyroid dysfunction

  • High cholesterol, high triglycerides, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease

  • Inflammatory conditions like arthritis, skin conditions, autoimmune conditions, cognitive decline

  • Poor sleep, daily fatigue, chronic fatigue syndrome, adrenal fatigue

What’s included in your 12 week Metabolic Balance Plan...


  • An in-depth naturopathic health review

  • Private metabolic pathology testing and interpretation (no fees to pay)

  • A personalised food and eating plan that's yours to refer to for life (around 38 pages)

  • 6 follow up naturopathic consults to guide you through the 12 weeks

  • Any needed personalised supplement prescription adjustments

  • Recipe ideas, lifestyle and mindset tips

  • A supportive Facebook group to share recipe ideas and ask questions

  • Metabolic Balance app for easy reference

Metabolic Balance was developed in Germany by doctors and nutritional scientists. Worldwide, more than 1 million people have already successfully participated in the Metabolic Balance nutrition program over the past 20 years


Why choose Metabolic Balance?


  • Discover your 100% personalised food list and food combinations generated from your very own blood markers

  • Expert support and guidance

  • 100% wholefood programme - no shakes, powders, bars, etc

  • Sustainable results

You can find lots more information about Metabolic Balance and read testimonials at their Australian website https://www.metabolic-balance.com.au/

If you would like to know more about Metabolic Balance and find out if it would be right for you book a free phone consultation HERE

NB - Average weight loss in 12 weeks is 10kg. Program extension is available.